Thursday, May 17, 2018

Images Of Greatness

    All fourth quarter in my 8th-grade goal class, my classmates and I have been working a huge project called Images of Greatness. For this project we had to select a person we think is great, and make a whole presentation. We wrote a paper and a bio riddle (which we had to memorize and perform on stage in front of people), we made a display board, a timeline, food, and we all dressed up like our person. If you couldn't tell already from the picture above, I was Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa is most famous for starting the Missionaries of Charity, a group of Catholic nuns who aid the poor. She is great because she helped hundreds and thousands of people who didn't have anything, all around the world. One thing I admire about her is that she didn't just help the poor in these homes and then at night go home to a mansion. She lived alongside the poor, as one of them. The takes a lot of courage!
     Throughout all of this unit, the thing that has made me the proudest has been my bio riddle. I worked really hard to make it rhyme, just because I like poems to rhyme, and I worked really hard to memorize it. Going off that I'm a lot very proud of how well I remembered and presented my riddle. I was really, REALLY nervous I was going to forget it on stage, stumble over my words, or speak too fast for anyone to understand. But I actually got so many compliments about how well I presented and how I looked confident (even though I felt anything but).
     Even though this project was really fun, it was also really stressful. The most challenge part was making my board, because I had to border everything and make sure everything was in the right spot and make sure everything was straight. Honestly it just got annoying, how many things I had to border. I had to re border everything at one point because I decided I didn't like the previous font. It was a lot of work, some of it unnecessary, but all in all, it wasn't that bad.
     I think I learned as a student how to present myself in front of an audience. Like I said before, a lot of people told me I looked really confident. But inside, I was really to curl up and cry. So I really learned that if you play the part, and if you just act like you're comfortable on stage, the audience will believe it. I think that is definitely a good skill that I will need later in life.
     One thing that I know for sure I would do differently is my food. While some people really liked it, others didn't care for it at all. And if I'm being honest, it didn't look appetizing at all. Next time I would make something more approachable and familiar.
     My favorite part of the whole night was actually presenting my bio riddle. It was really cool to show off all of my hard work, and something I was really passionate about. It was also rewarding to have people tell me what a good job I did. All in all, I really enjoyed this project and I'm happy I got to do it. : )

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Des Moines Field Trip Reflection

This past Friday, Friday of April 20th, 2018, my goal class and I went on a two-day field trip to Des Moines. On this field trip, we went to the Des Moines Art Center, Drake University, the World Food Prize Hall of Laureates, and the Science Center of Iowa. My favorite part of this trip was the Science Center of Iowa. It was my favorite because I really enjoyed the iMax, the fire and ice demonstration, and just exploring everything there. It kind of just made me feel like a little kid, which is always fun. :)  
     On this trip, we also went to the Art Center. I don't think I have ever been to an art center, so it was really cool to see all of the pieces they had. My favorite artwork that I saw was a series of photos by Zoe Crosher that were taken at places that people have disappeared at. The pictures showed different beaches and other sketchy looking places. The beaches had a kind of creepy feel to them, and I thought it was amazing that she captured that in a photo. The artwork I thought was the best example of art, was a kind of sculpture titled Porcelain and string by Marie Lorenz. This one had strings hanging down from the ceiling, and attached to those strings was a bunch of trash collected from a large body of water. I thought it was the best example of art because it told a story in a unique way. We were also asked to write down names of artists that we knew. Honestly, I only found two that I knew, and that was Pablo Picasso and Georgia O'keefe. I did find a piece of art that just made me think, "Why is this art, and how is it in a museum?" The painting was spilt into thirds. One third was yellow, the next was light gray, and the last third was dark gray. I just didn't get why it was art because it was just way too simple! I could do that! It kind of seems lazy to me. 
     I think the most educational part of our trip was the World Food Prize Hall of Laureates because I really had no idea what it was, and the way he presented everything just reminded me of a classroom. I didn't know that it took so much work to feed the world! You have to modify plants and seeds and make sure they can survive in the specific climate it is needed in. I thought that you just imported stuff, which now that I think about it is very closed minded. But I really learned a lot about how we feed the world there.
     The most fun part of the trip for me was the Science Center, but I already talked about that. I think my second favorite part was Spaghetti Works :).  I mean, it was delicious! It was just relaxing and fun to sit with everyone and talk and eat all the spaghetti you could. I also learned some table manners from one of my classmates there, and that was interesting.
     This field trip fits into the theme of Images of Greatness because throughout the whole trip we saw so many great people who did great things. For example, Norman Borlaug. He started the World Food Prize and he helped so many people around the world who didn't have enough food. All of the painters in the art museum are great. They give us entertainment and show emotion through images. 
     If I were to change one thing about this trip, I think I would make our tour of Drake University a little longer. I felt like we weren't there long and we didn't get to see a lot of buildings. All in all, this field trip was one for the record books, and what a time we had.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Independent Project 2018

                       (Disclaimer: I used note cards as the main portion of my information, so there's not a whole lot of information on the slides.)

     This year for my independent project in my GOAL class, I researched genealogy. I researched different websites that tell you your genealogy and DNA tests, and I also looked into my personal genealogy. I chose to present my project on prezi.
     What I like most about my project is how personable it is to me, and how I can apply what I learned in it to my life. My favorite part of my presentation was talking about what I had learned about my families history and where they came from.
     The hardest part about my project was figuring out the jumble of my family history. My grandparents on my mom's side are both immagrants, so with their families living in Europe, their family trees get a little sketchy because of World War 2. It was hard to create a family tree on that side because it was so scattered. Also, if you go onto a website to find your family tree (which I did) it gives you a lot of information. If gives you all the moms and dads and grandparents and siblings. Trying to riffle through all of that information, and then trying to find out about their life, is a pretty heavy task! Luckily, I had my dad help me with some of the family tree stuff, which made it a little less hard.
    I improved as a student and as a learner because I feel like I learned about something that I had little to no knowledge on. Learning about my families history really expanded my horizons of where I come from.
     If I were to do this project over again, I would mostly just change how I presented. I wish that I would have known my stuff a little more and didn't have to look at my note cards so much. I also wish that I had dumbed down the DNA testing portion more.
     This project was so fun to do and I'm really glad that I decided to do it! I learned a lot that I never thought I would know!

Monday, January 8, 2018

To Kill A Mockingbird Blog Post

      In Goal class, we just finished reading the book, To Kill A Mockingbird. After reading it, we watched the movie. After reading and watching both forms of the story, I've definitely noticed some similarities and differences. Some things that were the same were they included all of the important scenes from the book, such as (spoiler alert) the scene where Bob Ewell tries to kill Scout and Jem, and the whole trial. The movie also gave you a good sense of the kids wonder of Boo Radley just like in the book. There were, however, a LOT of differences. Just a couple of scenes that were in the book that weren't carried over into the movie, were Miss Maudie's house fire, the Halloween pageant (it is mentioned, but not shown), Calpurnia taking the children to church, and the scene where Atticus finds out Tom is dead while all of the ladies are over for lunch. Along with those scenes and more, several characters are also not mentioned, like Francis, Aunt Alexandra, and Mrs.Merriweather. Several 'famous' sentences were also skipped over, like "Son, where are your pants.", and "Scout, let's get ourselves a baby." Also, the characters looked nothing like I thought they would! All of that said, the movie was still pretty good.

One Word

You know how everyone makes new years resolution? Well, you probably also know that a lot of people quickly break their resolutions. So instead of making a full resolution, my classmates and I made a word that we would try to be better at doing. My word is accept. Accept means many things to me. First of all, it means accept myself. Just like everyone else (especially teenagers) I have insecurities about myself. Sometimes it feels like they overwhelm me and it's all I can think about. So in 2018, I want to work on accepting myself. Secondly, it means accept others. Sometimes, I can be a little quick to judge and join in on gossip. Just because someone is different from me doesn't mean I need to think bad about them. So, I'm also working on accepting others. I hope I can carry through on my word, and most of all, I hope I learn to better accept.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

DWA Publishing 1st Quater

     Everyday in Language Arts at the beginning of class, we do a DWA. DWA stands for daily writing assignment. It is basically just a daily question, and you get to write down your opinions on the topic. The following paragraphs are two of my favorite DWA's we have done in quater 1.

  "Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution." Do you agree with this? Why or why not?
      I sort of agree with Albert Einsteins quote. Knowledge is very important to me, and so I don't think it's worth nothing. But I also think imagination is important because without it, we probably wouldn't be as technologically advanced as we are, and life would be just plain boring. I don't really think one is greater than the other, but I do see Albert Einsteins point. Imagination and knowledge go hand in hand. It would be hard to have a lot of knowledge without imagination. For example, a rocket. Someone somewhere had to have the imagination to imagine the rocket, but then, someone else would have to have the knowledge to actually build the rocket.

      What gets on your nerves? 
      My little sister Anna gets on my nerves all the time because she acts like I have to do whatever she wants.Its so annoying when I've had a long day and I just want to relax by watching YouTube, but I can't because Anna either has the iPad or it's dead(because of Anna). It drives me insane when someone walks into my room when I'm in it and either they turn off the light or they don't shut the door when they leave. I also hate it when I'm lounging around my house in socks and my other sister Emily takes them off. It irritates me when people walk slow in the hallways, or when they act like they are super good at something( like sports) when they aren't.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Words of Wisdom

I really liked this project and I'm glad I got to do it. It really showed me how your morals and words you live by change over time. For example, some of the quotes from the younger ages (cough cough, 13) were funny, but the quotes from older people were more serious.